Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a girls gotta have her sparkle

Mid-winter I found these amazing DIY projects that would look gorgeous anywhere, but never got to them. I know the weather's warming in most places, but there was just a snow storm in the midwest so I decided it may still be socially acceptable to create these now. :)

Use a curtain rod, mirror garland and white lights to create this starry sky:

These gorgeous jars are created with just epsom salt and mod podge! They give more of a snowy feel but they're so pretty I may just have to keep them into summer time:

Again with the mason jars, this time with lace:

Glitter spray paint sticks and put in a vase, cheap and pretty:

Glitter spray paint cut out stars to glue to random things for a personal touch:

What do you guys think... too late to use some of these decorating ideas around the house? I'm a glitter-a-holic so glitter is good all seasons for me!

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