Since the new fad of Pinterest, I can kiss my sweet unimaginable life behind. Suddenly, my dull working college student life has become inspired with beautiful images, passionate creations and dreamy fabrics.

In the short amount of time that I have had the pleasure of indulging my free hours (and maybe some not so free hours meant to be spent on school work) I've acquired more than 500 pins within 15 boards. Not only was I a pinning maniac, but I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging.

This short little story introduces you to how I was inspired to create my own blog. Through Pinterest, and finding these amazing blogs, I have come to find myself in a certain aspect and style of life. I am an organized soul. I long for pretty and functional items that will keep my life neat and bright.

In the posts to follow you will find my inspiration of items, and maybe some personal stories. I have found so many solutions to my regular old college student problems, that I can not bare to keep these findings to myself any longer. Now, as a student I can not afford all of my findings which is in part why I want to share them as well. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone else out there who longs for the gorgeous colored storage bins,

or the pre-hole punched and perforated pink notebooks,
also, [via]

or wants to repaint her apartment every time she sees a new enticing color palette, even if the landlord doesn't know about the first coat of paint.

So follow along readers, and engage in the soon to come colorful, inspiring and the "ever-so-longing for that product" posts. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I will.

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