Saturday, March 3, 2012

some crafty inspiration

I know I've been posting a lot about home decor when my main objective was to post about organizational purposes, but lately I just haven't been as inspired for organizing as I have been for decorating. That is until I stumbled upon these lovely images all collected from apartment therapy here. This got me thinking for new, creative approaches to organizing (specifically a craft space, but let's face it, after all those diy posts I've been feeling 'oh so crafty!').

Short on room? Use a functional bookcase to neatly store away materials. Displays your items for easy access and appealing to look at!

Love the idea of hanging matching colored fabrics over open shelving, hiding away things that may not be living up to our regular organizational qualities...

 Talk about everything having its own place

I've heard so many good things about using a pegboard to help organize items, I definitely must try something like this

Subtle color accents tie everything together (& another pegboard!)

Love the color theme from this room and the alternating storage boxes

Hope these inspired you to rev up your crafty organizational skills while adding a little color and life into a boring routine. Again, all of these images were collected from apartment therapy here, so visit the link to find the original sources and beautiful creators of these spaces!

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  1. Lovely, creative images here! It would seem that being in these spaces would encourage ideas to come gushing out!