Monday, February 27, 2012

small letters with a big impact

While I love decorating my apartment and all, it gets extremely expensive very easily. I've found a lot of "cheap" decorating ideas, but still they're expensive for a college student. Then, I found these and want to share them with you. I was a graphic design major before I chose public relations, and with that I had many required art courses that I had to take. I took two or three of them and let me tell you, I racked up quite the art supply selection! Our professor had us shelling out hundreds of dollars every few weeks to get the best brushes and paints the local art store supplied. I was mad at the time of course, but now I have all these lovely supplies and nothing to do with them! I found these for inspiration and I hope you can take something from then and find a way to create them into your own.

Using simple inspirational words on a blank canvas is enough to create art with a beautiful impact in your home. 

found via Pinterest

Use block letters glued to a canvas all in one color

Apply the same technique used above, only with gradient hues of one color

These pieces are created using a sticker technique over a printed fabric and spray painted all one color. Peel the stickers away and instant masterpiece!

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