Monday, December 3, 2012

What's in my school bag?

If you're like me, you probably have been known to linger in the office-supply section of your local retailers, and hoard supplies. While many items in your collection are a necessity, it can get a little heavy trying to lug everything you need around. I like to be extra-prepared, especially when I'm going to be on campus for a long time period, and want to have my desk with me at all times! Instead of trying to carry around my three-drawer wooden oak desk my Grandfather made for me, I have found these items to fill my essential needs and save my shoulder and arms in the process!

To start, I like to stay stylish and don't like the look of backpacks, so yes... I carry around a Coach bag as my school bag. Judge me all you want but it is super functional and I'll show you how!

First things first, in the front pocket I have a pencil pouch which I will spill open for you with all of those extra nick-nacks you know you will need at some point in time.

In the middle I carry my notebooks and laptop (usually two spiral bounds with my 13" Macbook Pro, they fit perfectly!). Along with these items, I have my wallet and planner, naturally it's pink to brighten my day anytime I look at it.

For those items you are grabbing constantly, I leave mine out and loose in the front pocket of my bag. They include cough drops (it's that time of year!...also convenient for the person sitting next to you with that annoying tickle), gum, my ID carrier, lip balm, highlighter, pencil, pen and white-out. 

For the less-used but still necessary items I use a pencil pouch stuffed in the front pocket of my bag along with the loose items. Inside are extra pens, pencils and highlighters, my phone to computer cord, lotion, a stapler (yes I have a stapler in my coach bag!), erasers, hand-sanitizer, Kleenex (again with the cold season), and of course post-it notes.

So you see... everything fits functionally and effectively! Some may say I'm asking for back problems later in life, but it truly weighs less than my high school backpack and looks ten times more appealing :).
How do you carry your school/work supplies around?

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  1. Great job organizing your bag.