Sunday, April 22, 2012

spotlight: ThreeBirdNest

With my new obsession of Etsy, I discovered my new favorite shop, ThreeBirdNest. This woman makes and sell super cute and girly fashion accessories. Mostly, it's scarves, headwraps and socks, but that's okay with me! Check out these items, I'm thinking of ordering the two turbans and scarves!

 My Favorite Sweatshirt Sweater Knitted Infinity Scarf
Coral Turban Headband Stretch
Lace & Chiffon Infinity Scarf
God Love Birds on Branch Necklace 
 Lace Knitted Leg Warmers
Hummingbird Stretchy Twist Headband

 These were just my favorite styles, check out her whole collection on Etsy and find something that fits your style [here].

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